Demystifying Token Authentication in NGRX

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Sam Julien is an Angular GDE and Collaborator, a Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0, and the creator of and GetAJobIn.Tech. He’s also an author for and Egghead. His favorite thing in the world is sitting outside drinking good scotch next to a fire he built himself.


So, you’ve got a shiny new Angular application and you’re thrilled to be managing your state with NgRx. You’ve got your store, reducers, and actions set up, but your boss asks you an innocent question during your first demo: “How do I log in?” You stare blankly, realizing that you’ve completely forgotten about authentication. Isn’t it the same as in a regular Angular application? How does real-world authentication in NgRx work, anyway?

I’ve got your back in this talk. You’ll learn not only the HOW of token-based authentication in NgRx, but also the WHY. We’ll talk about managing app-wide authentication state through the store, how to determine what should end up in state, maintaining Good Action Hygiene with authentication, the role of Effects, and keeping your application safe using authentication best practices.”


Interview with Sam Julien - The Developer’s journey:

For the first part of the meetup with Sam, we conducted a very informal interview to gain a little insights on his perspective regarding the developer’s journey and what was his personal story.

There is a throve of gold nuggets in there about Sam’s origin story - lol we are all superheroes aren’t we? The highlight was to find out that programming was a career switch for him since he started in finances. Unlike many would assume due to his impressive achievements, he did not start coding at 8 or was not introduced to it by hacking on Minecraft, the adventure actually just tsarted 6 years ago.

We have also asked him to share with us how does he deal with the dreadful Impostor Syndrome and also how to pick and choose where to spend his energy when it comes to keeping up with in our fast paced changing landscape.

Be sure to listen to the entire exchange, I can promise you it will be worth your while no matter your skills level. And of course sharing is caring so please send the link to those that could

Presentation: Demystifying Token Authentication in NGRX

Then it was time to switch up gears and jump right into the main event. NGRX is in all honesty not the friendlest vocabulary to wrap one’s head around. The “jargon” as Sam would put it, does not help in lowering the barrier to entry. Sam shared some of the ways to make it more approachable and also referred us to a few suggestions that coud provide a solid mental model to help navigate the verbosity. During the discussion segment, Sam insisted that NGRX provides state management for complex Front-end applications and might be most often times an overkill for basic CRUD applications.

Once again don’t forget to register here if you have not already. A zoom link will be sent to all members of the meetup